CAS Academy was established on 6th May 2020 as part of our group effort to diversify our range of services and value-add to our clients and to the profession. With constant changing of rules and regulations that require businesses to adapt effectively and be able to make the right decision at the right time, we will assist professionals that come from various industries and organisations to stay abreast of current developments as well as changes in the rules and regulations. This in turn will help their businesses to gain relevance and competitive advantage. Apart from that, CAS Academy also aims to enhance the technical knowledge of directors and staff of organisations with a view towards improving performance, personal development, compliance and reporting.

Organisations will benefit as a result of:

  • enhancement of knowledge of employees
  • obtaining timely technical updates – local and global development affecting your area of business
  • improved job-related technical skills
  • developing professional knowledge and soft skills.


CAS Academy hosts learning events such as public training; In-house training — which can be personalised to your requirements; technical bulletins and certification with emphasis on areas such as financial and management accounting, taxation, internal audit, corporate governance, risk management, internal control, finance, management; and many more

Training may be conducted online or face-to-face or through the use of e-learning materials. We will share more details in due course.

Connect With Our Experts

Mr. Ng Kean Kok
Managing Director

Mr. Chen Voon Hann
Executive Director